Oklahoma City Dance Classes for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Dance Classes for Toddlers that Inspire Joy

Dance and music can make life better. If you have a toddler, consider enrolling them in a dance class to help them develop coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, and more. Our dance classes for toddlers provide a fun and safe environment for children to begin learning the art of dance.

Dance With Me - Age 2 & 3

If your child loves to move, you will find this class a perfect opportunity. Alongside instructors, parents participate with their child as we use music, dance, and finger play to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Dance 'N Learn - Age 2 & 3

For many students, this class is one of the first activities they participate in independently. This 30-minute dance class focuses on using music along with creative play, center exercises, and floor movements to continue your child’s fine and gross motor skill development. Instructors will introduce ballet basics and terminology. This class is appropriate for children who are ready to experience a dance class on their own. If your child experiences separation anxiety, we will work with you on a plan that increases confidence and eases your child’s difficulty with saying goodbye.

Leap 'N Learn Ballet - Ages 3-4

Leap ‘N Learn is a safe, effective, developmentally appropriate dance program for dancers three to eight years of age. Developed by child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell and master teacher Beverly Spell, the program combines the healthiest practices for teaching ballet techniques to children. Our certified instructors also use pretend play for a positive and fun environment. Students in this program will improve motor, cognitive, and social skills that they will use throughout their life.

Hippity Hop - Ages 3-4

This class is an early introduction to hip-hop. For this age group, we focus on rhythm, body awareness, and simple choreography. Your child will develop coordination, strength, rhythm, body awareness, and dance techniques that will translate to the hip-hop classes they can take when they are six years old.

Superhero Hippity Hop for Boys – Ages 3-4

Boys are welcome in any class at Velocity Dance Center. To appeal especially to young boys, we developed a superhero hippity-hop class. During this class, students wear capes and pretend to be their favorite champions while learning the beginning moves of hip-hop dance.

Try a Free Dance Class for Toddlers

Help your child experience the joy of dance with a free dance class. While our Center is in Oklahoma City, we have students from Mustang, Piedmont, Edmond, Yukon, and beyond. Do you know which dance class for toddlers is right for your child? If so, visit the class schedule page, then enroll online. If you need help picking the right dance classes for toddlers, contact us, and let our instructors help you choose the right class based on your child’s interest.
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